My Life As An Army Wife

A story of My love for my soldier currently deployed in iraq. I Love You Mathew you are my everything.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Awaiting My Loves Return

My Life Changed The Day I Met Mathew.
All of the sudden life had purpose and I could see a future with only him. One Small little problem I was in Oklahoma and he was in Iraq. Still I felt something different when we talked. Something That sparked a change in my life. Finally I knew what my mother said true love was like. The day you can't imagine your life without the other person in it. It was the most amazing feeling in the entire world. We met online and started talking daily. I would rush home from work to talk to him. We met on October 6th 2005. One week into talking I felt myself wanting to say I Love You but he beat me to it. We were chatting on yahoo in the doodle environment and he drew I love you to me in dot to dots. I sat there in awe wondering if what I was seeing was really there so I connected the dots and put a 2 after it. About a week later I drew him a picture of a park and us holding hands and our 5 kid's playing. I said it can't get any better than that that. He said I can think of one thing better. He drew two stick figures facing each other and a minister saying " You may now kiss the bride" I was like Wow! That was an awesome proposal. Of course I felt the need to be funny back and wrote in Well kiss her already. And from that point on our relationship and feelings were getting stronger and we had never even met in person. It was now November and he was coming home on R and R on his mid tour leave. I took it upon myself, with a few tidbits of information he had given, to find out when his flight would be arriving in Dallas and drove 3 hours to pick him up and surprise him. The picture posted with this story is the first time we met. Someone who didn't know us or our story snapped it and two others. Capturing to us what was the greatest day of our lives. Soulmates that came from similar worlds and were always just a block away took a detour and ran into each other to start what will be the greatest adventure either of us has ever been on. That was November 20th. We were married on December 1, 2005. By then his leave was at an end and he returned to Iraq on December 6th. We are able to talk on the phone and by internet still. We are able to write letters also. I wanted to find a way to tell our story so he would know how meeting him changed my life. And to let everyone else know that know matter if you have been hurt a million times don't give up because when you stop looking and just have faith Love finds you. We were lucky to find each other and we both strive daily to keep our love alive. When you truly love someone no distance is to great and no length of time is to long. Because nothing is worth having that isn't worth waiting for. So for now until our day comes I am and will be
Awaiting my loves return. I love you Sweetheart.
Love Always and Forever Yours Tiffany