My Life As An Army Wife

A story of My love for my soldier currently deployed in iraq. I Love You Mathew you are my everything.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I am so In Love

Mathew was able to call me back. He is so sweet. I don't think he knows how much the little things he does for me means to me. He works a 12 hour shift everyday and then trys to call me and talk. Sometimes he is so tired he can barely stay awake. But yet because he knows thats the only thing we have right now he does it anyways. I hear in his voice how tired he is and sometimes have to make him go to bed. I think it is so awesome that he misses me and loves me enough to do that. He has been sending me letters everyday sometimes i get 2. There are few things that i look forward to. One is the phone calls, Second the internet cafe when he can go and third mail time. Every time i feel my cell phone vibrate i pray its him. Because at least for that moment i know he is safe. I worry about him constantly. Not just about his safety, but is he getting enough sleep, does he eat enough, Is he feeling good. Things like that. I have never missed someone so badly in my life. He is all i think about. I take pictures of our kiddos and have them draw pictures for him. He is an awesome father. the kind every mother dreams of having for their kids. He gets down and plays with them on the floor, chases and tickles them, always finds some funny thing to do or say to make them laugh and even though together we have 5 still managed to play with them all equally. I love to see his smile when he holds them. And it makes me smile to see them piled on his lap all asleep including him. I thank the lord everyday for blessing me with such an awesome husband. He is the pefect man in my eyes. He is my hero and the hero of our little ones who look up to him. And i am very proud of the example he is showing them by serving our country to ensure their futures and their childrens futures are safer. Mathew as You Sleep i pray that even if you don't get alot of sleep that you wake up well rested and feel good. Everyday is one day closer to your return my love. I miss you and love you.