My Life As An Army Wife

A story of My love for my soldier currently deployed in iraq. I Love You Mathew you are my everything.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sorry i haven't Written

Sorry i haven't written. I had all five kiddos for four whole days. It is a handfull trying to feed them, bathe them, and play with them all. Whew! Can't wait till Mat gets back so i have some help. But we had fun. We all sat down and wrote Mathew letters. The 2 seven year olds and our five year old are learning to write so they each wrote their own letter to their daddy. then they helped our 2 three year olds do the same. The oldest asked me why i was placing lables on all the envelopes i just bought and she wanted to know why i write her daddy so many letters. I laughed and said to her when your married and you have to be apart for along time you need to write each other everyday to remind each other how much you love them. So that they don't forget and their day is better. She said "oh! well i better write my daddy too, so he don't forget about me." I reassured her that her daddy loved her very much and that he could never forget her or any of us. It kept me busy having them all to take care of. Its funny Mat and I are a blended family but you could never tell because all our kids look alike. When i take them to the mall everyone thinks our youngest two are twins. Which is awesome. I am thrilled to have my new lil family. Just can't wait to have Mat back fulltime. Hopefully i will get to talk to him tonight. He said hed call if he could. I love this man whole heartedly. I have never had anyone on my mind and in my heart so much in my entire life. I think of him every minute i am awake and dream of him when i am asleep. He and our children are my life. And i am so happy now i can hardly contain the way i feel. I am so Thankful that the good Lord blessed us the way he did. Well Thanks for listening. I love you Mathew Goodnight My Love.